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POLITIK | 21 WORLD SENSATION: Unique lecture in Denmark with Dr. Frank Spear Plandent A/S offers you a once in a lifetime experience with the highly recognized Dr. Frank Spear who will be lecturing in Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2023. The core of this brand-new lecture is failures under treatments and how to avoid ending up in these situations. Once a treatment goes wrong, it is often due to real “clinical failures” such as wrong diagnosis, evaluations, materials, or techniques – or even the expectations of the patients that have not been met. The last thing is often the hardest to predict and rectify. Outcome of the Lecture During this lecture, Dr. Frank Spear will walk you through a variety of measures which will help you to: • Avoid clinical failures and ensure that the patients’ expectations are met. • Identify possible “problem patients” through conversations with and examination of the patients. Predicting, preventing managing clinical failures **Will be used for confirmation, practical information and invoice. *The price includes a 2-day course and course materials, meals both days incl. drinks (breakfast, lunch, fruit and snacks) and parking both days in Tivoli Hotel’s car park. How to register: For registration scan the QR-code andfill in the form or send the following information • Full name of participant(s) • Name of clinic • Company address • Phone number • Mail address** Date, time and location: Friday and Saturday, June16th-17th 2023 9.00 am-4.00 pm both days. Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center Price per person 1.600€* ATTENTION! The invoice must be paid before the seminar takes place. Invoice will be sent around 60 days prior to the seminar Wanna know more? Scan the QR-code and read the full seminar description As always, Dr. Frank Spear makes it easy for you to understand even complex measures and implement them in your own clinical everyday life!